Four-wheeling opportunities abound in Conejos County and the Rio Grande National Forest. Within the forest, vehicular travel is restricted to Forest Service roads and trails with numerical designations except for game retrieval during big game hunting season.

Motorized trails are single-track trails open to licensed motorcycles and certain types of ATV’s. Roads having the road number in a vertical format in the Rio Grande National Forest are open to both ATV travel and vehicle travel.

For an overview of the territory, view the zoomable Rio Grande National Forest Visitor Map — Middle Region .

Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM): Visit the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service Travel Management page to access .pdf maps that show the roads and trails that are authorized for motorized use. Or you can go directly to the Conejos Peak Ranger District East MVUM .

Bureau of Land Management Public Access Maps: Visit the USDA BLM Public Access Maps page for .pdf maps in Conejos area. The BLM maps are fairly large (3 – 6 MB) but you can zoom in, save, and print relevant portions. View the Index Map for an overview. Maps 0 thru T are in the Conejos area.

If you are a Colorado State resident and you are going to operate an off-highway vehicle (OHV), defined as any vehicle that does not have a state license plate, you will need to have it registered. If you are a non-resident, you will need to have your off-highway vehicle registered in your home state and then purchase an OHV. Or, you can choose to register your OHV in Colorado which would exclude you from having to get a permit. You may purchase your ATV registration stickers at the Colorado Division of Parks and Recreation Offices, sporting goods stores and ATV/OHV dealers. For further information,  call (303)791-1920.